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  • Big Mugsy’s Speakeasy

    1920’s theme party for larger groups includes comedy, dancing, music, audience participation and more.  This program also works well as a fundraising dinner.  “Hey ya big palooka, dis is a classy joint!  Big Mugsy’s Speakeasy has got only du best bath tub gin soived in du daintiest of tea cups.  Du band is playin’ du Charleston, du flappers is dancin’ da Lindy Hop and du boys is all bein’ good and keepin’ der heaters outta sight.  All of high falootin’ Read More
  • Boat Building and Racing

        The Program: Your group is divided into crews and given the task of designing and constructing boats of cardboard sturdy enough to support two team members. Once construction time has elapsed the crews race against one another to determine the winning crew.  Some will be going straight to the bottom when their boat is launched (we use the word “launch” loosely).  Others will be so well designed they could race more than once.  Boat Building and Racing requires Read More
  • Bounty Hunter

    One of our most popular icebreakers this program gets everyone interacting with each other. HOW IT WORKS:  Attendees are given a Warrant (a list of human qualities, hobbies, habits, etc.) to track down.  They must find a different person for each item on their Warrant.  The first person to complete their Warrant delivers it to the Sheriff.  This high energy, fast paced icebreaker is a great way to get everyone in the room speaking to everyone else. But the program Read More
  • Cajun Killin'

    This moody Big Easy mystery takes place during dinner and includes a Cajun band, a Raymond Chandler style detective, wildly funny New Orleans characters and plenty of audience participation. 10% of the fee is donated to the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund. Cue the sultry jazz music…  “It all started and ended in one of those shadowy clubs with questionable liquor, second rate clientele and first rate Jazz.  Chez __(insert your company’s name here)__ was the kind of place some people went Read More
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