Big Mugsy’s Speakeasy

AG-RFP-ButtonSAMSUNG DIGIMAX A5031920’s theme party for larger groups includes comedy, dancing, music, audience participation and more.  This program also works well as a fundraising dinner.

 “Hey ya big palooka, dis is a classy joint!  Big Mugsy’s Speakeasy has got only du best bath tub gin soived in du daintiest of tea cups.  Du band is playin’ du Charleston, du flappers is dancin’ da Lindy Hop and du boys is all bein’ good and keepin’ der heaters outta sight.  All of high falootin’ society is here tanight.  But unless eeder you or du tomata knows du passwoid, yous ain’t getting’ in.”

It’s a raid!

THE THEME: The year is 1929.  The place is the Chicago Olive Oil company, AKA Big Mugsy’s Speakeasy.  This theme party is an interactive evening of comedy, music, dancing, competitions, outrageous characters and a jail cell in case anyone misbehaves.  It includes gangsters, flappers, a ragtime band (or DJ), a Charleston competition, a raid by Eliot Mess and the Untouchables, and the evening is hosted by the Boss himself, Big Mugsy (played by a comedian).

HOW IT WORKS:  Big Mugsy’s Speakeasy can be run either with or without a meal. You provide the venue, food and refreshments, and we provide the atmosphere.

GROUP SIZE:  125 – unlimited

SPACE:  Any space large enough to hold your group and a dance area.

Learning the Charleston

Learning the Charleston

TESTIMONIAL:  “OMG!! It was totally awesome!!  We received soooooo many great reviews!!  All of the actors were phenomenal and everyone had a fantastic time.  …the guests were very responsive and a huge comment from all were the extraordinary singing voices of the actors!!  It was a fabulous night, and you were all so very nice and easy to work with.  Thank you again for a fabulous job, well done!!”    ~ Ronald MacDonald House

If you would like to learn more about Big Mugsy’s Speakeasy or any of our other programs please don’t hesitate to submit a Request for Proposal. You can also contact us at or (978) 525-2019.


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