Murder on the Ocean Queen

A murder mystery game that takes place aboard a boat. Your group works in teams to solve the mystery during the three hour cruise. THE PLOT:  The brochure read, “Welcome aboard Royal Carthage Cruise Lines, where Paradise floats.”  But once aboard you realized it should have read, “Royal Carnage Cruise Lines where Paranoia floats!”  The […]

Murder Most Medieval

A medieval comedy dinner show with plenty of music and audience participation. Each table works as team to solve the murder. Give your guests the royal treatment by sending them to a majestic medieval banquet!  They can enjoy the melodic sounds of the minstrels; marvel at the magic of the court wizard, have their fortune read […]

Murder in Casablanca

This comedy murder mystery may be performed as an interactive dinner show or played as a mystery game.  Either way, groups work in teams to solve the mystery.  Loosely based on the 1942 Humphrey Bogart movie Casablanca, this mystery works best for the over 50 crowd. THE PLOT:  The year is 1942.  The place is exotic […]

Minuteman Mess Dinner

This fun-filled dinner show with a Revolutionary War theme has plenty of comedy, music, history and audience participation. The date is 1783.  Your C/O is throwing a mess dinner for the Minute Men and Women of the battalion.  The Revolutionary War is officially over.  Victory!  Tonight we will feast and celebrate.  Three cheers for the […]

Margaritaville Mystery

A murder mystery game designed to take place aboard a boat. Audience members don’t watch the mystery they are IN the mystery and they only have three hours (the length of the cruise) to solve it. Welcome to Margaritaville where palm trees sway in warm ocean breezes.  The landscape is ablaze with brilliantly colored parrots, […]