Love Is Blind

This dinner murder mystery has lots of comedy, music and audience participation. It can be performed anytime of year but with its love theme it is most popular around Valentines Day. Ecah table works as team to solve the mystery. THE PLOT:  There are many motives for murder, the top three being: 3 – Jealousy […]

Johnny Be Dead

1950’s style rock n roll dinner murder mystery with a live band. Each table works as team to solve the murder. Lots of comedy, music and competitions. THE PLOT:  Rock N’ Roll sensation, Johnny Velcro and the Zippers have been booked to play your party.  However, the band barely gets started when lead singer Johnny […]

Grinchly Holiday Party

Take a trip to Dr Suess’ Whoville. This Holiday theme party may be performed with or without a meal and includes plenty of comedy, live music, a variety of performers and fun team games. Works well for both staff functions and functions that also include the families of your employees. Is your group a bunch […]

Good (& Dead) King Wenceslas

Give your guests the royal Holiday treatment by sending them to a majestic medieval banquet hosted by His Majesty, good King Wenceslas!  They can enjoy the melodic sounds of the minstrels; marvel at the magic of the court wizard, have their fortune read by the soothsayer, laugh at the antics of the jester, or just […]

Frosty the Dead Man

  It’s that time of year again, the Holiday Season, a time for parties, gift giving and good will towards men.  It’s a time of joy.  It’s a time of merriment.  It’s a time of stress!!!  So much stress that it might even drive some to…  homicide!? Your Holiday Planning Committee, chaired by Jack (Frosty) […]