Die Hard

  Okay cowboys and cowgirls, we’ve got ourselves a situation here! Corporate Terrorists have planted an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse Device) within your company. If detonated not only will it erase all electronic data from your company’s computers but you will also lose all 40,000 tunes from your iPod.  “Aah!  These villains must be stopped!”  Your […]

Mobius Model

Mobius Model is an examination of how people communicate and methods of overcoming miscommunication.   When used in conjunction with one of our team building games Mobius Model takes the experience and outcomes to another level. Mobius allows teams and groups to conduct their own assessment, and to come to agreement about how they want to develop. […]

Play Day

  If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play.” ~ John Cleese Everyone wins in this non-competitive program full of fun and games.  Participants rotate tables after each game so they are sitting with a different group of people every few minutes. A different, fun challenge is assigned after each rotation. Play Day […]

Spy School

There are many knock offs out there but this is the original, world famous Spy School. It has been performed in Europe, Australia, Canada and from coast to coast throughout the US. As a matter of fact, Spy School has been facilitated for the US military and several US Intelligence agencies. We’d tell you which ones […]