Move It, Or Lose It!

One of our new Health & Wellness programs, this team building program uses movement and dance to energize your group, encourage creative thinking, boost morale, and improve team work and cooperation.  This fun, non-threatening program uses movement techniques to build teams.  No experience in dance is required. Have you ever wanted to moon walk like […]

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is the world’s most widely used personality inventory.  When used in conjunction with one of our team building games it takes the experience and learning to another level. In her studies of people and extensive reading of Jung’s theories, Isabel Myers-Briggs concluded there were four primary ways people differed from […]

Minuteman Mess Dinner

This fun-filled dinner show with a Revolutionary War theme has plenty of comedy, music, history and audience participation. The date is 1783.  Your C/O is throwing a mess dinner for the Minute Men and Women of the battalion.  The Revolutionary War is officially over.  Victory!  Tonight we will feast and celebrate.  Three cheers for the […]

Love Is Blind

This dinner murder mystery has lots of comedy, music and audience participation. It can be performed anytime of year but with its love theme it is most popular around Valentines Day. Ecah table works as team to solve the mystery. THE PLOT:  There are many motives for murder, the top three being: 3 – Jealousy […]

Johnny Be Dead

1950’s style rock n roll dinner murder mystery with a live band. Each table works as team to solve the murder. Lots of comedy, music and competitions. THE PLOT:  Rock N’ Roll sensation, Johnny Velcro and the Zippers have been booked to play your party.  However, the band barely gets started when lead singer Johnny […]