Improvising To Success

The techniques of comedic improvisation are revealed and leveraged by your group to improve their skills at communication, cooperation and adapting to change. This fun, non-threatening program works well for groups of 36 persons or less. This indoor, non-competitive program uses techniques adapted from Comedic Improv Acting to explore elements of communication, collaboration, problem solving, […]

Hunt of Dreams

This scavenger hunt was designed for companies in the manufacturing industry. Tell us what it is you manufacture and we’ll customize the hunt for you. We re-write the hunt every time we do it based on the area, the participants and what it is your company manufactures.  Your group is given a hunt list based […]


  Steal the skills to become better communicators. THE CAPER:   Your group is divided into gangs of safe crackers, jewel thieves, and cat burglars.  Each of the gangs is competing to pull off the biggest heist of their lives.  Who will succeed?  The gang with the best communication and cooperation skills. Just like any great […]

Group Drumming

Group Drumming is a fun and innovative way to explore the issues of cooperation, diversity, leadership, change, stress relief and to boost morale. Besides being an effective means of team building it’s also a memorable way to open a meeting or conference, a unique and effective icebreaker and an exciting and highly participatory way to […]

Grinchly Holiday Party

Take a trip to Dr Suess’ Whoville. This Holiday theme party may be performed with or without a meal and includes plenty of comedy, live music, a variety of performers and fun team games. Works well for both staff functions and functions that also include the families of your employees. Is your group a bunch […]