Shark Team

Shark Team is an indoor, competitive team building program that has your group working in teams to create the proverbial better mousetrap and then pitch the idea to a panel of sharks. The team building program is divided into two parts, The Development and The Pitch.  In Phase One – The Development teams are tasked […]

Battle of the Sales Teams

A highly competitive scavenger hunt designed specifically for salespersons. There are few professions more driven or more competitive than sales.  So a scavenger hunt where the contestants will go to any lengths to win just makes sense for a group of salespersons.  Your group is divided into teams based on territory, product, quotas, or any […]

Ghost Hunt

  A Ghost Hunt is a scavenger hunt with goosebumps. We re-write the hunt every time based on the area, the length of hunt you require and your group.  Our ghosts (AKA costumed actor/facilitators) are planted throughout the hunt area.  Their stories, songs and challenges give your group a taste of the history, flavor and […]

Galloping Gourmet Hunt

A scavenger hunt for foodies that includes some of the culinary secrets and epicurean delights the area has to offer. CUSTOMIZATION:  We re-write the hunt every time based on the area, time of year and the participants.  Groups will experience some of the local food and drink but will also learn about the culture, history […]

Zumba® Fitness

This program is one of our new Health & Wellness Team Programs. Whether or not your group are in great physical condition our certified Zumba instructor will have them dancing, laughing and enjoying themselves to the infectious rythmns of Zumba. Zumba® Fitness features exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Before they know […]