Yoga Stress Relief

This program is one of our new Health & Wellness Team Programs. Whether your group are experienced in yoga or complete novices our certified yoga instruction will lead your team through a variety of stress-busting exercises. This is a great program to include at a meeting, conference or a retreat as the Yoga session will […]

Wild West Hootenannay

A Western theme party that may be performed with or without a meal. Includes a country band, western characters, comedy, line dancing, competitions and more. Howdy pardner!  Welcome to WILD WEST HOOTENANNY a program designed to spice up your get-together whether it be an outdoor barbecue or an indoor banquet.  Hosted by Sheriff Taters this western party […]

To Kill a Spy

You’ve never experienced a mystery like this before! We have a Top Secret new interactive murder mystery that has your group playing secret agents!  It’s a team building program, a mystery and a game of espionage in one. Should you accept this mission, read on. There’s no sitting around watching this mystery because all of […]

Spy Camp

Spy Camp is an outdoor, competitive team building program with a variety of spy games. Some games are physical,  some are intellectual and some are just downright hysterical, so there is something for everyone. THE MISSION:   Your group is divided into teams the night before and loaded aboard a C130 Hercules aircraft for transport to […]

Scalawags & Hooligans

This outdoor scavenger hunt is designed for very competitive groups and can be written for almost any location. The winning team is the team with the biggest bunch of cheats. Warning: This program does NOT build trust!!! Scalawags & Hooligans is like no other hunt.  Your group is divided into teams (gangs) of scalawags and […]