Salem Witch Hunt

This team building scavenger hunt is only available in Salem, MA and includes plenty of history, fun challenges and digital photos.  For locations outside Salem we recommend our Ghost Hunt which can be customized for almost any location in North America or overseas. 1692  From June through September nineteen men and women, all having been […]

Rock Around the Clock

Rock Around the Clock is a 50’s rock n roll theme party with a live band, zany characters, dance competitions sing-alongs and games. This program works with or without a meal. The whole gang is going to be there including dreamy Jimmy Angel, spunky cheerleader Roberta (Bobby) Sox, hilarious Lester Glick (President of the Chess Club) and […]

Reality TV (Team Values)

This competitive team building program can be facilitated indoors or out. Participants play a variety of different fun games based on different Reality TV shows. The Ant and the Grasshopper is offering you the opportunity to take that leap of faith from television observer to Reality participant in our program Reality TV (Team Values). And just […]

Pirate Games

A competitive team building program full of pirate games. Some of the games are physical, some are intellectual and some are just downright hysterical. Great for all types of company events including picnics either with or without the families present. Pirates are very popular.  Pirates of the Caribbean (One, Two and Three), Talk Like a […]

Night at the Museum Hunt

This fun and challenging team scavenger hunt may be written for almost any museum, aquarium, gallery or zoo. You select the museum, art gallery, aquarium, or zoo (anywhere in North America) and we’ll write and run a hysterical hunt for you that includes zany characters and fun challenges. This hunt is great for all ages […]