Incredible Race

This is our most popular outdoor program.  It is a competitive hunt rewritten every time based on your goals, theme, group, schedule, budget and the area where it will take place. A few of the versions we have written include: Incredible Leadership Race Incredible Philanthropic Race Incredible Green Race Incredible Diversity Race Incredible Risk Assessment […]

Spy Hunt

    Your group is divided into spy teams. Each is supplied with a file of Top Secret documents and then set lose on whatever town, resort or conference center your meeting is taking place. They must gain the trust of strangers and get their cooperation WITHOUT blowing their cover! This will require cunning, strategy, […]

Wacky Outdoor Games

  The Program: The Wacky Outdoor Games is specifically designed so that everyone in your group gets to participate, regardless of their level of athleticism. Some of the games require physical skills while others require mental acuity or creativity. All of them are highly engaging and a lot of fun! Your group is divided into teams and […]


Survivors is a competitive, outdoor program.  Tribes compete against one another in a variety of fun, exciting challenges such as the Obstacle Course and Blindfold Puzzle Maze.  However, our Survivors program is “inclusive” and team building rather than team destroying. While there is ultimately a winning team no one gets voted off” and each challenge […]

The Tourney

Preferred Venue - Essex Conference (1)

The Renaissance of Team Building. Welcome m’Lords and Ladies. You are gathered here this day to compete in the Royal Tournament. Send forth your champions! There are two versions of The Tourney . The indoor Tourney may be performed either with or without a meal. Each table competes in medieval games to win the position […]