Galloping Gourmet Hunt

A scavenger hunt for foodies that includes some of the culinary secrets and epicurean delights the area has to offer. CUSTOMIZATION:  We re-write the hunt every time based on the area, time of year and the participants.  Groups will experience some of the local food and drink but will also learn about the culture, history […]

Great American Bike/Trike Giveaway

This philanthropic team building program is a win/win for everyone. Your group competes in teams to build and decorate bicycles. The bikes are then donated to underprivileged children or a local organization that assists the needy. Phase One: Your group is divided into teams and challenged with a number of puzzles and riddles.  With each […]

Corporate America’s Idols

This team building program has your group competing in teams in a talent competition.  The program can also be a Community Outreach Program by performing at a local seniors’ retirement or nursing home. Your group works in teams to write new lyrics to a well known melody.  They are randomly assigned the subject matter of […]

Cajun Killin’

This moody Big Easy mystery takes place during dinner and includes a Cajun band, a Raymond Chandler style detective, wildly funny New Orleans characters and plenty of audience participation. 10% of the fee is donated to the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund. Cue the sultry jazz music…  “It all started and ended in one of those shadowy […]

Incredible Race

This is our most popular outdoor program.  It is a competitive hunt rewritten every time based on your goals, theme, group, schedule, budget and the area where it will take place. A few of the versions we have written include: Incredible Leadership Race Incredible Philanthropic Race Incredible Green Race Incredible Diversity Race Incredible Risk Assessment […]