Christmas in Killarney

AG-RFP-Button   This Irish Holiday party includes plenty of comedy, live music and the audience are encouraged to share their stories of Christmases past.

NG-ChristmasinKillarney-Low-ResCome join pub owner Blarney Stone for an Irish Holiday celebration as he reminisces about his childhood home in Killarney and the village characters that haunt his memories. There is Mickey Malone who got his wife an electrolysis appointment for Christmas only to be told that in a drunken stupor he’d married a donkey. Paddy Murphy the butcher who, when asked by a customer if he had a sheep’s head, responded, “No. It’s just the way I comb me hair.” And Tim Finnegan who failed at chicken farming when he planted them too close together.

THE INGREDIENTS: Christmas in Killarney has three key ingredients. There’s the music. Bring your spoons and play along to all your favorite Irish tunes. Of course it’s Christmas so there’ll be plenty of Holiday tunes as well. There’s the comedy. Blarney’s tall tales of Killarney will keep you laughing. But the most important ingredient of all is the audience participation. Audience members are asked to bring a story about a Christmas memory. It can be a touching story of family reunion; an uplifting story of a particularly happy Christmas; or an outrageous Christmas story such as the time Uncle Wally had a couple too many pints and burned down the tree. Of course, if anyone wants to propose a toast, dance a jig, or sing us an Irish one… this is your chance to be in the limelight!

HOW IT WORKS: Christmas in Killarney is designed to be performed during a meal. The first scene takes place before dinner as Blarney shares a number of amusing anecdotes about his home in Ireland. Throughout the meal there is music. After dinner the audience is invited up to sing, dance and tell their stories.

DURATION:  The show runs the length of the meal plus one hour (approximately 3 hours).

SPACE REQUIREMENTS:  A private dining area large enough to accommodate your group.

GROUP SIZE:  15 – unlimited

If you would like to learn more about Christmas in Killarney or any of our other programs please don’t hesitate to submit a Request for Proposal. You can also contact us at or (978) 525-2019.

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