Close Encounters of the Worst Kind


Team building murder mystery designed to take place during a meal. Someone has murdered the guest speaker and your guests work together to solve the mystery.

CVS Leader 152

This team building mystery is designed to be a surprise for your guests.  You have told them a famous person is going to speak during the meal (pick any celebrity you like… Dr. Condoleezza Rice,  Donald Trump, Oprah, Bill Belichick…  Who would your group like to hear? ).  Unfortunately, the celebrity speaker is abducted on his/her way to the function.  A witness says she saw bright lights in the sky just before the celebrity vanished.  Enter the FBI Agent (our standup comedian) who begins an investigation into this “paranormal” mystery.  And let’s face it… this show is perfect for your group because they are anything but “normal”!

HOW IT WORKS:  Close Encounters of the Worst Kind is designed to be performed during a meal. Each table works as a team to collect clues, question suspects and solve the mystery.  Like our other dinner theater mysteries Close Encounters of the Worst Kind starts during cocktails, continues through the meal and ends about an hour after desserts have been served.  It includes an opening scene before the meal, a closing scene where the audience tries to solve the mystery after the meal, and a lot of audience participation, live music and interaction with the characters throughout the meal.

GROUP SIZE:  30 – 200 persons

SPACE REQUIREMENTS:  Any private dining area large enough to accommodate your group.

DURATION:  Aprroximately 2-3 hours.

TESTIMONIAL:  “On behalf of the planning committee and the entire staff here at NESPIN, again, just wanted to say thanks for yesterday’s murder mystery.  …you all did an excellent job.  The live music was a nice added touch.  You guys are the talk of the office today…  It was good to see the employees laugh so hard at themselves and your presentation.”    ~ New England State Police Information Network (Note:  That’s a pretty good review for a murder mystery especially given that the audience was comprised of police detectives and law enforcement support staff.)

If you would like to learn more about Close Encounters of the Worst Kind or any of our other programs please don’t hesitate to submit a Request for Proposal. You can also contact us at or (978) 525-2019.

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