Good (& Dead) King Wenceslas


Give your guests the royal Holiday treatment by sending them to a majestic medieval banquet hosted by His Majesty, good King Wenceslas!  They can enjoy the melodic sounds of the minstrels; marvel at the magic of the court wizard, have their fortune read by the soothsayer, laugh at the antics of the jester, or just rub shoulders with royalty. But things really start to get exciting when murder pays a visit to this festive occasion.  The King is dead!  Long live the King!.  It’s an evening of royal belly laughs and medieval mayhem.

“Good King Wenceslas looked out,

On the feast of Stephen.

Where the snow lay round about,

Deep and crisp and— Urgh!”  Thud.

IM000089.JPG Good (and dead) King Wenceslas is an interactive Holiday murder mystery with a cast of zany characters that perform between the courses of your meal interacting directly with your guests at their tables. The cast is lead by a stand-up comedian who plays the role of Brother Cardfile, that hilarious, sleuthing monk who needs all the knights and ladies present to help him catch this assassin!  There is also a wandering minstrel (musician) who will favor your group with many a melodic ballad of brave knights, some favorite Holiday carols…  and even the occasional modern hit when requested.   For larger groups we include a band of minstrels.

HOW IT WORKS:  Good (and dead) King Wenceslas is designed to be performed during a meal. Each table works as a team to collect clues, question suspects and solve the mystery.  The first scene takes place in the cocktail hour before dinner.  Subsequent scenes take place between courses.  The climax of the show takes place after dinner when the suspects are questioned, the tables are given a chance to submit their solutions, and a winning team is declared.

SPACE REQUIREMENTS:  A private dining area large enough to accommodate your group.

DURATION:  The mystery runs the length of the meal plus one hour (approx. 3 hours in total).

GROUP SIZE:  50 – 250 persons

If you would like to learn more about Good (and Dead) King Wenceslas or any of our other programs please don’t hesitate to submit a Request for Proposal. You can also contact us at or (978) 525-2019.

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