Illinois Jones and the Hidden Treasure of Wetamrok

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Illinois Jones (Indiana’s older, less successful brother) needs your help on his next archeological adventure.  Your group needs to solve the riddles of the ages in order to discover the hidden treasure of the lost city of Wetamrok. But be wary, tombs and digs can be filled with traps and pitfalls.  This is a non-competitive, cooperative program comprised almost entirely of fun, challenging table-top exercises.

While this team building event is a lot of fun it is also an intellectually challenging game.  What participants don’t realize but hopefully discover during their adventure is that if they share information, cooperate and really work as a team, the riddles, puzzles and conundrums become a lot easier to solve, and the obstacles and traps less precarious. We ask that you NOT tell your group that this is a cooperative game as part of the process is for them to discover the benefits of team work for themselves. An excellent tool for building cooperation, collective problem solving and information sharing this is also a fun, memorable team building program that your group will be talking about long after the meeting has concluded.


  • Cooperation
  • Collective problem solving
  • Communication
  • Trust Building
  • Silo Busting



  • Strategy
  • Decision Making
  •  Improved Morale
  • Leadership Skills
  • Time Management


SPACE REQUIREMENTS:  A room large enough to seat your group at tables (one per team).  There should be enough room for the participants to be able to comfortably move between the tables.

DURATION: The ½ day program is flexible and will last between 2 to 4 hours. We also offer a full day program.

GROUP SIZE:   6 – 200

TESTIMONIAL:  “Everyone was extremely pleased with the Illinois Jones team building event.”   ~ Advanta Corporation

If you would like to learn more about Illinois Jones and the Hidden Treasure of Wetamrok or any of our other programs please don’t hesitate to submit a Request for Proposal. You can also contact us at or (978) 525-2019.

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