Improvising To Success

The techniques of comedic improvisation are revealed and leveraged by your group to improve their skills at communication, cooperation and adapting to change. This fun, non-threatening program works well for groups of 36 persons or less.

NGImprovToSuccessThis indoor, non-competitive program uses techniques adapted from Comedic Improv Acting to explore elements of communication, collaboration, problem solving, creative thinking, connectivity and conflict resolution.  The comedy environment employed makes this challenging program fun. In fact, the comedy is inherent to the process, we couldn’t remove it if we wanted to!

GOALS:  To help participants develop a feel for when things are going awry versus when things simply require hard work, and to provide tools and insights that help participants integrate apparently conflicting demands or systems.

The workplace is a complex web of conflicting demands. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a compass to navigate your way through all this? Wouldn’t it be even nicer if your entire staff had their own internal compasses and were able to make informed decisions about these conflicts on their own?

Improvising To Success is not a role-playing program, although you will be learning how to play a role; this is not a touchy-feely emotive program, although you will be learning acting techniques; this is not a program that will expose you to embarrassment, although you will be taking more risks than in a typical team-building program. The working world is full of contradictions, isn’t it natural that a program designed to help you handle them is full of contradictions too!

GROUP SIZE:  6 – 36 persons

DURATION: 1 – 4 hours.  Full day and two day programs are also available.

SPACE REQUIREMENTS:  A room large enough for your participants to stand in a loose circle, with room enough for our facilitator to walk around outside of the circle. Enough chairs for everyone, plus a couple extra, and a small table for two.
If you would like to learn more about Improvising To Success or any of our other programs please don’t hesitate to submit a Request for Proposal. You can also contact us at or (978) 525-2019.

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