Incredible Race


This is our most popular outdoor program.  It is a competitive hunt rewritten every time based on your goals, theme, group, schedule, budget and the area where it will take place.

A few of the versions we have written include:

  • Incredible Leadership Race
  • Incredible Philanthropic Race
  • Incredible Green Race
  • Incredible Diversity Race
  • Incredible Risk Assessment Race
  • Incredible Photo Race
  • Incredible Limo Race


The Incredible Race has been so successful that United Technologies, CVS Pharmacy, DannonReebokHalliburton, Johnson & Johnson and Gorton’s have all purchased it multiple times, as have Bryant UniversitySuffolk UniversityEmersonHarvard and Concord Academy.  It’s never the same twice.

HOW IT WORKS:  Your group is divided into teams and given a list of Challenges to complete.  The Challenges they will face are all fun, exciting and designed to meet your goals.  It is not a race in the true sense of the word as it is not the first team to the finish line that wins, but rather the team that scores the most points in the allotted time.  There are more Challenges than they can possible complete in the allotted time so teams will need to think strategically on how they can rack up the most points.   Whether you are looking for a fun program that will boost morale or one that will focus on skill development we can customize the Incredible Race to meet your needs.

You name it! What are you looking for?

  • Leadership Skills
  • Engagement
  • Diversity
  • Risk Assessment
  • Team Awareness
  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Time Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Improved Morale
  • Decision Making
  • Prioritizing



  • Post race debrief
  • Post race digital slide show
  • Limousines (1 per team)


TESTIMONIALS:  “I wanted to let you know that our folks have said nothing but great things about the Incredible Race! There
have been comments like “this was the most fun we’ve ever had at a meeting”, “this team building event really brought
the group together which is exactly what we needed”, “I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much at a work event”. They
truly had a great time and learned a lot about each other and focused their strategies as true champions and team mates
to get to the finish line. I think that was probably evident from the pictures. Thanks again and D. and I have
already recommended you to many others in our organization.”     ~ Johnson & Johnson

“The experience The Ant & the Grasshopper brought to Reebok was unparalleled to any other. My colleague and I are continuing to receive accolades as to how much fun the teams had while participating in your events. Some members called this their best Team Building experience ever, as well as their best Reebok event ever. Thanks for bringing this to us! ”    ~ Reebok

“The Ant and the Grasshopper pulled off a fabulous event for CSN Stores. If you think team building activities are made for small groups, think again. With a group of 250 people I thought I’d never find a company to pull off a great event for that many people, but the Ant and the Grasshopper did it and we would absolutely hire them again”    ~ CSN Stores

“The Incredible Race was a great adventure.  Best teambuilding event I’ve attended yet….  My expectations for my first visit to Newport were high, but were completely blown out of the water by the Incredible Race! The challenges, staff, and environment were exceptional and made my experience one to remember with friends I won’t soon forget…  I have been to a number of team building events throughout the past few years but I have never had as much fun or gotten to know the group as well as I did at the Incredible Race. Not only did I get to learn a lot about my team mates but I learned a lot about myself as well…  Thanks for a great event, as always!”    ~ Bryant University

GROUP SIZE:  We have facilitated it for groups as small as 6 persons and as large as 400 + persons

DURATION:  The most popular is the 3 hour race but we also offer full day and races that take place over several days during a meeting or conference.

SPACE REQUIREMENTS:   The race may be facilitated almost anywhere.  The longer the race and the larger the group, the larger the area we require.  It can run in a park, mall, resort oar hotel, or it can take place within a few blocks or entire city.  An area large enough to accommodate your entire group is recommended for the wrap-up after the race.

If you would like to learn more about The Incredible Race or any of our other programs please don’t hesitate to submit a Request for Proposal. You can also contact us at or (978) 525-2019.


Lycee International Boston 08-09-2015, 15:15

“Thanks for putting together a great day for the students on Friday. I think they really enjoyed themselves and bonded quite a bit. I’ll be in touch about future events.”

Konica Minolta 20-10-2014, 19:32

The feedback has been excellent! Our group absolutely LOVED the scavenger hunt. I can tell you that we are still talking about what a wonderful day it was. Since our teams are from two different offices, it was a great to get to know everyone.. for in the future we will have a common bond. I have heard there is another group in our building who immediately inquired as to the company we used. I hope that these kinds of events will be a yearly type of deal.

The Grasshopper 23-04-2014, 19:56

Facilitated a very successful Earth Day hunt in West Hartford, CT yesterday (April 22, 2014). This was our first time in West Hartford and we discovered that it’s a great historical town with plenty of interesting nooks and crannies to explore. Perfect for doing our Incredible Photo Race on foot – no need for vehicles.


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