Margaritaville Mystery

AG-RFP-Button A murder mystery game designed to take place aboard a boat. Audience members don’t watch the mystery they are IN the mystery and they only have three hours (the length of the cruise) to solve it.

NGMargaritavilleWelcome to Margaritaville where palm trees sway in warm ocean breezes.  The landscape is ablaze with brilliantly colored parrots, fluorescent butterflies and vibrant tropical flowers.  The streets are filled with golden tanned Adonis’s and bikini clad vixens, all while the cool blue-green Caribbean gently laps the hot, white beaches of the Keys.  This must be paradise!   Except…  Is that a body washing ashore?

This boat mystery includes live music (Jimmy Buffett songs as well as an assortment of other music) and a cast of comedic actors playing the suspects.  The characters and plot have been inspired by the various songs and short stories of Jimmy Buffett but you don’t need to be a Parrot Head to solve the mystery.

HOW IT WORKS: The Margaritaville Mystery is an interactive murder mystery aboard a boat where you the audience don’t just watch a show,  you are IN the show.  You need to question suspects, bribe witnesses and catch a killer, at the same time that you are dancing to the tropical tunes, sipping margaritas and feasting at the Jimmy buffet.  It is suggested that audience members wear Hawaiian shirts or other types of tropical clothing to make the experience all the more fun.

SPACE REQUIREMENTS:  This boat mystery is designed to be performed aboard a boat with at least two decks (room for the suspects to spread out) and food stations so the detectives (your group) can grab a bite to eat while they track a killer.

DURATION:  The length of the cruise (2-3 hours)

GROUP SIZE:  50 – 200

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