Mobius Model

Mobius Model is an examination of how people communicate and methods of overcoming miscommunication.   When used in conjunction with one of our team building games Mobius Model takes the experience and outcomes to another level.

NGMobiusmodelMobius allows teams and groups to conduct their own assessment, and to come to agreement about how they want to develop. It is an excellent way to facilitate commitment to team goals and values, and identify appropriate resources.

Qualities of Interaction:  In order to maximize the results and satisfaction Mobius trained facilitators can lead any kind of group or team on a dialogue of key points such as:

  • Recognizing areas of shared dissatisfaction.
  • Creating shared goals and priorities.
  • Inventing ways to ensure accountability for results.


Applications:  Almost any group, whether it be corporate, non-profit, government or other, would benefit from the Mobius Model. The benefits include organizational development, dialogue, commitment, responsibility and action.

Group Size:  2 – 200

Duration:  1/2 day, full day or 2 days.