Murder in Casablanca

AG-RFP-Button This comedy murder mystery may be performed as an interactive dinner show or played as a mystery game.  Either way, groups work in teams to solve the mystery.  Loosely based on the 1942 Humphrey Bogart movie Casablanca, this mystery works best for the over 50 crowd.

NGCasablancaTHE PLOT:  The year is 1942.  The place is exotic Casablanca in French North Africa.  Guests are all gathered at the Black Parrot, a nightclub owned by the unscrupulous black marketer, Ferari.

“Most of you have come here to Casablanca to escape Nazi occupied Europe.  You have taken the circuitous route through North Africa on your way to America and freedom.  Unfortunately, many of you will never get out of Casablanca. To leave Morocco you need a visa or letters of transit.  These may be obtained either by official application to the corrupt Vichy government or… it just so happens, I have several visas for sale to those that can afford my price.  In the meantime, please keep visiting The Black Parrot.  We have something here to keep everyone amused during your wait.”

HOW IT WORKS:  We have two versions of this mystery.  It can be performed as an interactive comedy during dinner with each table working as a team to solve the mystery.  Or it can played as a mystery game spread out over several rooms of a mansion or other venue and your group works in teams to search the rooms, question the suspects and solve the mystery before time expires.

SPACE REQUIREMENTS:  The dinner theater version requires a private dining area large enough to accommodate your group.  The mystery game version requires a mansion, conference center, hotel, resort, museum or other venue with several rooms, including one room large enough to accommodate all your guests for the beginning and finale of the mystery.

DURATION:  2 – 3 hours

GROUP SIZE:  50 – 200
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