Murder on the Ocean Queen

AG-RFP-Button A murder mystery game that takes place aboard a boat. Your group works in teams to solve the mystery during the three hour cruise.

NGOceanQueenTHE PLOT:  The brochure read, “Welcome aboard Royal Carthage Cruise Lines, where Paradise floats.”  But once aboard you realized it should have read, “Royal Carnage Cruise Lines where Paranoia floats!”  The luxury liner Ocean Queen turns out to be a converted fishing trawler once known as the Itchy Scrod.  The passengers are outraged.  Robin Steele, the travel agent, is all smiles and apologies but no refunds are offered.  Shortly after leaving port shots are heard and Ms. Steele is found with a bullet hole in her head. The game is afloat!

HOW IT WORKS:  Murder On The Ocean Queen is a highly interactive murder mystery that takes place aboard a boat.  It includes live music, a floor show, zany characters and a mystery!  While enjoying the sights, the show and the buffet the audience also needs to question suspects, bribe witnesses and collect clues in order to catch a killer.

SPACE REQUIREMENTS:  This boat mystery is designed to be performed aboard a boat with at least two decks (room for the suspects to spread out) and food stations so the detectives (your group) can grab a bite to eat while they track a killer.

DURATION:  The length of the cruise (2-3 hours)

GROUP SIZE:  50 – 200 persons


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