Murder Untouchable

AG-RFP-Button 1920’s murder mystery dinner with live music, comedy, colorful characters and lots of audience participation. Each table works as a team to solve the mystery.

NGUntouchableThe 1920’s atmosphere is set by a Dixieland band.  As your guests arrive they need to give the password to the gangster at the door (you pick the password and tell your guests in advance).  Of course, with all the unsavory characters packin’ heaters it ain’t long before someone gets shot.  Shortly thereafter, Eliot Mess and the Untouchables raid the joint.  Is Flossy the flapper really as vacuous as she seems?  Is Big Mugsy really big?  Why exactly is Eliot Mess untouchable?  Is it contagious?  Your group will need to do a lot of investigating to find the answer to these questions and…  Oh yes!  Who shot Mumbles?  And do we really care?

HOW IT WORKS:  This 1920’s murder mystery is designed to take place during a meal.  It starts during cocktails, continues through the meal and ends about an hour after desserts have been served.  It includes an opening scene with the murder, a closing scene where the audience tries to solve the mystery, and a lot of audience participation, music and interaction with the characters throughout the show.

DURATION:  The length of the meal plus an hour (approximately 3 hours)

GROUP SIZE:  70 – 250

SPACE REQUIREMENTS:  A private dining area large enough to accommodate your group and a performance area large enough for a 3 piece band.  For groups over 150 we request a riser or stage 16′ x 16′ or larger for the band and performers. You may also wish to include a dance floor for dancing during and after the mystery.
If you would like to learn more about Murder Untouchable or any of our other programs please don’t hesitate to submit a Request for Proposal. You can also contact us at or (978) 525-2019.

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