Play Mystic for Me

AG-RFP-Button This fun, interactive murder mystery is filled with psychics. So why didn’t any of them see the murder coming?! This mystery can be played anytime of year but with its supernatural theme it’s especially popular around Halloween. Your group works in teams to solve the mystery.

NGPlayMysticA fortune telling party?  What a delightful idea!   Well, until one of the fortune tellers gives a chilling prediction of murder! It isn’t long before her macabre prediction comes true and the body hits the floor!  This is a job for psychic detective Will Dunn.  Other agencies may use a medium, but your guy is Will Dunn!  Unfortunately Detective Dunn’s partner has been called away on another important case…  an Elvis sighting!  So Will will need your help to follow up leads, track down clues, and solve this “paranormal” mystery.  Perfect! Because let’s face it…  your group is anything but “normal”.

Play Mystic for Me is interactive murder mystery with a cast of zany characters, a challenging mystery, and lots of leads and clues that will require your group to work in teams to solve the case. The cast is lead by a stand-up comedian who plays the role of detective and keeps the investigation and laughs going.  It also includes suspects who are fortune tellers who read palms, tea leaves, Tarot cards and the bumps on your head!  One of the fortune tellers is Billy Ray Psychic, the singing soothsayer (say that three times quickly) who entertains your group with his musical abilities.  The fun never stops from the time your group arrives until the killer is hauled away.

How it works:  Play Mystic for Me has two versions:

 1. The Dinner Theater Version  This version is designed to be performed during a meal. Each table works as a team to solve the mystery.  Throughout dinner the characters move between tables dropping clues, interacting with your group and keeping everyone entertained.  After dinner the tables are given a chance to submit their solutions and a winning team is declared.  The mystery runs the length of the meal plus one hour (approx. 2 1/2 — 3 hours in total), and includes plenty of comedy, interaction and music.

2. The Mystery Game Version  This version is like a live game of clue.  Your group aren’t watching a mystery, they IN the mystery!  Your group is gathered together and a murder happens in their midst!  After that your group is divided into teams and they must move from place to place looking for the suspects and questioning them.  Once time has elapsed all your guests are gathered together again to learn the identity of the killer and to announce the winning team.  This mystery can be played in a mansion, on a boat, at a resort, in a museum or any venue with multiple locations where your group will search for the suspects.  If you wish to add a meal to this mystery multiple food stations work best.  This mystery game runs about 3 hours.



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