Tim Finnegan’s Wake


An interactive dinner comedy this show can be performed anytime of year but it is our top selling program every March. It is filled with tender ballads, rowdy reels, raucous comedy, outrageous characters, and plenty of audience participation as guests are invited to get up and say a few words about the departed. This very successful show has been performed for audiences across North American every year since opening in Toronto, Ontario in 1998.

NGTimFinneganFifteen years of standing ovations, this is the original Tim Finnegan’s Wake that Boston and Cape Cod audiences have died laughing at since March 2000, the same Tim Finnegan’s Wake that knocked ‘em dead in Toronto, Canada in 1998 & 1999, and the same Tim Finnegan’s Wake that you can experience for yourself this year anywhere in North America.  Since 2005 dear departed Tim has been on the road – his wake has been performed from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Las Vegas; from Seattle to Naples, FL.

The cast of zany characters  may be increased or decreased, depending on the size of the audience but typically includes a cast of five, a 3 piece Irish band and you.  Yes YOU!  Audience members are encouraged to get up and participate in the show. You may recite a poem, dance a jig, sing a song, make an Irish toast or give a eulogy (meaning, tell any old joke you know and insert Tim’s name).

HOW IT WORKS:  Tim Finnegan’s Wake is a portable, interactive dinner show we bring to you.  It can be performed at a restaurant, a banquet center, a hotel dining room or even a private residence.  You book the dining room, invite all your friends, and we bring the music, the comedy and the blarney!  The show starts the moment your guests walk through the door, greeted by the widow Maureen as though they are life-long friends and family of the Finnegans.  “Look who it is!  It’s yourself.  And standing up too!!!   I thought for sure you’d go long before Tim, what with the way you carry on.  Come give us a hug luv, while you’re still conscious.  By the way, I don’t know if you heard but I’m single again.

DURATION:  The show is designed to run the length of a meal plus one hour.

 AUDIENCE SIZE:  50 – 500.

SPACE:  A dining area large enough to hold your guests and a performance area of at least 12’ X 12’ for the cast and to lay out Tim’s body.

EXCEPT FROM A NEWSPAPER REVIEW:  “Lots of fun at Finnegan’s Wake!  This wake is actually an interactive comedy dinner show that is like going to a celebration at the Knights of Columbus with 200 of your best Irish friends.  Everyone came ready to have a good time, and by the end of the night, everyone did.  We sang, we danced, we told stories and jokes and maybe even had a fight or two.  Tim Finnegan surely would have been proud of the sendoff that was grand enough to ‘wake the dead’.”  ~ Jim Dorman, The Patriot Ledger

OBITUARY NOTICE  Much beloved Tim Finnegan, 43, of South Boston passed away at Sisters of Mercy Hospital and Veterinary Clinic in Dorchester of complications after receiving minor brain surgery (very minor) for an injury that occurred when he fell from a ladder.  He was born in County Cockadoodledoo, Ireland and has been a resident of South Boston since 1980.  No record can be found of Mr. Finnegan’s ever having worked anywhere but his wife assures us that he put a Herculean amount of work into not finding gainful employment. Mr. Finnegan is survived by his wife, Maureen; his twelve siblings including sisters Sheila Mary O’Stone and her husband, Paddy, Evelyn Mary O’Shea and her husband, Rick, Eileen Mary Trout and her husband Rain Bo, Colleen Mary Rooney and her husband, Peppy, Bernice Mary O’Furniture and her husband Paddy, and Anita Mary Mann (divorced); and brothers Sean Joseph and his wife Irene Mary, Ciaran Joseph his wife, Karen Mary, Donovan Joseph and his wife, Sinead Mary, Patrick Joseph and his wife Patricia Mary, Francis Joseph and his wife Peggy Mary, Joseph Joseph and his wife, Mary Mary.  When asked how she felt about the death of her brother-in-law Joseph Joseph’s wife said she was “quite contrary”.

Relatives and friends are invited to attend his wake.  Tim was to be cremated but there was concern as to what might happen if a flame was put anywhere near the body.  He will now be buried instead.  Attendees are encouraged to pour whiskey on the grave.  You may, if you chose, filter the whiskey through your kidneys first.  The widow requests that instead of flowers you make donations to either AA or TWMFWDHLHWSFAF (The Widow Maureen Finnegan Who’s Drunken Husband Left Her With SFA Fund).

Come join the fun!  Slainte!

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