To Kill a Spy

AG-RFP-ButtonYou’ve never experienced a mystery like this before! We have a Top Secret new interactive murder mystery that has your group playing secret agents!  It’s a team building program, a mystery and a game of espionage in one. Should you accept this mission, read on.

NGKillSpyThere’s no sitting around watching this mystery because all of you are in it.  Your group works in teams to find the suspects, question them, collect clues, bribe witnesses and catch a treacherous enemy spy!

THE MISSION:  Who is the killer?  That isn’t the mystery!  We know who the killer is, it’s you!  You have a double O, a license to kill.  The mystery is… who is the mole? Which of the suspects is the double agent who has been secretly working for the enemy?  Your mission is to identify the leak and  plug it.  You will be issued a weapon and once you discover the mole’s identity, eliminate him or her.  But time is running out.  The mole won’t be sticking around much longer.  Your team needs to catch this traitor before they escape with valuable classified information.   Good luck.  These instructions will self destruct in 60 seconds.


  • Collaboration
  • Problem Solving
  • Planning and Execution
  • Time Management
  • Morale Boosting


SPACE REQUIREMENTS: This team mystery game can be played in a park, a mansion, on a boat, at a resort or hotel, at a conference facility, on city or town streets, or any other venue with multiple locations where the spies can hide in the shadows.  A private space large enough to accommodate your entire group is needed for the start and finish of the mission.

DURATION:  1 – 3 hours.  We also offer a customized version that takes place over two or more days of a meeting or conference.

GROUP SIZE:  15 – unlimited

If you would like to learn more about To Kill A Spy or any of our other programs please don’t hesitate to submit a Request for Proposal. You can also contact us at or (978) 525-2019.



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