Who the Dickens is the Killer?


A Holiday murder mystery dinner hosted by Mr Charles Dickens, Esquire. Lots of comedy. music, audience participation and ghostly apparitions. Each table works as a team to solve the murder of Jacob Barley.

“Barley was dead to begin with, of that there can be no doubt.”

NG-WhotheDickensistheKiller-Low-ResTHE PLOT:  It is Christmas Eve 1867 and your group is gathered to celebrate the Holidays.  Renowned British author Charles Dickens, Esquire, who is on a tour of North America to promote his new book, has agreed to give a reading of one of his short stories.  All is going well until a ghostly apparition dragging long chains and wailing like a banshee enters the room and disrupts the festivities.

“I am the ghost of Jacob Barley,  murdered one year ago this very night, and I shall not rest until my murderer has been brought to justice!”

Great, you think, but can’t we eat first?!

Who the Dickens is the Killer? has all the same ingredients as our other interactive murder mysteries including a cast of zany characters that perform between the courses of your meal interacting directly with the audience at their tables. The cast is lead by a stand-up comedian who plays the role of Charles Dickens and it is Mr. Dickens’ job to keep the plot moving, keep firing the jokes, and keep the audience on the trail of the killer.  There is also a musician, Mr. Bob Scratchit.  When Bob isn’t dropping enigmatic clues, he’s either playing background music or he’s getting everyone to sing a lively version of “Jingle Bells”.

Who the Dickens is the Killer? is designed to be performed during a meal. Each table works as a team to collect clues, question suspects and solve the mystery.  The first scene takes place in the cocktail hour before dinner.  Subsequent scenes take place between courses.  It includes plenty of comedy, audience participation and music.  The main portion of the show takes place after dinner when the suspects are questioned, the tables are given a chance to submit their solutions, and a winning team is declared.

DURATION:  The mystery runs the length of the meal plus one hour (approx. 3 hours in total)

SPACE REQUIREMENTS:  A private dining area large enough to accommodate your group and a small room nearby where the performers may change.

GROUP SIZE:  40 – 250 persons

If you would like to learn more about Who the Dickens Is the Killer? or any of our other programs please don’t hesitate to submit a Request for Proposal. You can also contact us at info@antgrass.com or (978) 525-2019.


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